Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday February 1, 2010-Eye Surgeon

If my Dad was still alive he would have been 97 today. Unfortunately he passed away in 1988 of bladder cancer. I'm still thinking of you Dad!

It was too cold again this morning to walk. I really, really hate winter!

Today was the day I had my first appointment with the eye surgeon who is doing my cataract surgery. I really liked him. He said they suck the cataract off the eye (not his words) and replace the lens with a prescription lens that matches my prescription so I should have close to 20/20 vision for distance. He said he could do one eye for distance and one for reading but I said I didn't think I'd like that and I'm ok with using glasses for reading. He gives me a signed form to take to the license bureau to get my license reissued showing I don't have to wear glasses to drive anymore. Since I have such poor vision, he's going to do the eyes two weeks apart so the soonest they can be done is August 4th & 18th. I am on a cancellation list but the receptionist didn't think I could get an earlier appointment due to the two week time frame. Most people wait 4-6 weeks between appointments for cataract removal. Anyway, now that I have the appointment scheduled I'm ok with that even though it will probably interfere with our cottage weekend in Lindsay. I'll have to do a couple of follow ups with the eye surgeon after the cataracts are removed so I'll have to stay in Ottawa. I'll just be happy to have it done!

On our way home we stopped and picked up another gluten free bread mix. Gordon has really enjoyed his bread so we're taking advantage of the breadmaker while we have it!


  1. I have had cataract operations on each eye. One eye is for far vision the other for close. At first I could read even fine print but after a few years I need glasses if I read a book etc. but I can still read a recipe without glasses. I am glad I had it done this way. Good luck.

  2. Sorry about your Dad, and the winter!!
    But that is good news about your eyes. It is a shame you have to wait so long, though. Maybe you can still make it to the cottage.

    Oh, I might have to get my breadmaker down from the attic. I put it up there because I don't eat much bread, but I found some recipes that sound delectable. You make it sound like something worth doing!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Sandra you have nothing to fear, my father just had both his eyes done. His procedure sounds exactly as what you are going to have done. He is just amazed at the colors he sees now, plus he only needs those cheap reading glasses you can buy in a drug store.

    Good luck, I just know you will be fine and we will be waiting for your blog reports on your recovery.


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