Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday February 4, 2010-Trip to Smiths Falls

It was -16C (3F) but bright and sunny when I went for my walk this morning. Thank goodness there was no wind chill but even without it, it was still pretty cold.

Late morning we started to get ready to go to the Dodge dealer in Smiths Falls about 45 minutes away. We were leaving early so we could have breakfast at our favourite restaurant there, The Roosterant. We arrived about 11:15 a.m. as they stop serving breakfast at 11:30 so we were able to get breakfast.

Lots of roosters at the Roosterant

I have been looking at some houses in this town as they are still fairly inexpensive and a reasonable drive to Carleton Place, Ottawa, Brockville and Kingston. Here is one of the houses we looked at.

These houses are mostly bungalow or 1 1/2 storey houses much like the ones built for the servicemen when they returned from WWII. This one was very cute from the outside however you don't have a street in front of the house. The street is more like an alley at the back of the house and that's where the garage is. The lots are very small. There is no real sidewalk at the front either but they had plowed a sidewalk like area. All the houses were well kept.

We're just looking at options in case this immigration problem doesn't turn out in our favour.

The truck went in for service (which was our main reason for going to Smiths Falls) and got the oil changed and a tail light changed and a few other minor things. We were home just in time for Max to go for his walk with Will, his walker.

It did warm up to -5C (23F) when we were on our way home.

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  1. You're temps are like Alaska. I can't believe you can walk when it's that cold even with something across your mouth. I love the house, just hope you don't have to go that route and get south next winter.


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