Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday February 2, 2010-Webinar

It was cold this morning but I decided to go for my walk anyway. I dressed warmly and had no problem being out in the frigid temperatures.

After breakfast the first item on the agenda was to get some groceries. So four stops and several frustrations later, I was home with the groceries.

On to the next frustration. I retired from Nortel. My retirement provides me with health benefits but I took my pension in a lump sum (thankfully). Nortel filed bankruptcy proceedings last January and have sold off most of the companies within. This afternoon the Nortel Retirees Protection Canada was having a 'webinar' together with the lawyers representing the pensioners.

First I tried using Firefox on the PC part of my Mac. I could see the slides but no audio. I switched back to Mac and tried two browsers, still no luck so I put in a ticket to the IT people supporting the webinar. I was told I needed to use Internet Explorer. I hate Internet Explorer! So back to my PC side. I tried to open IE and kept getting an error so I downloaded the new IE. By this time over an hour of the conference had passed. When I downloaded the new IE, I got a window saying I was dangerously low on space on my hard drive. I ignored that and eventually got in to the conference. Now I remember what working was like! I did get some answers with respect to my health benefits and the news isn't good. It looks like we're covered till the end of March. We're not sure what happens after that. I have a Town Hall meeting to go to next week so maybe I'll find out more. This one is in person!

It's just been one of those days!


  1. It seems like some days it doesn't pay to get up! :)

  2. I listened to it on my MAC with Safari. No problems at all.

  3. Our friend that worked there, gets NOTHING. He didn't even get an extension. Lost most if not all his 401K. No health benefits at all. Good luck.


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