Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wednesday October 7, 2009-Gettin' 'Er Done!

We had some sun this morning, we also had rain and the wind came up near the end of the day so it's been a mixed bag.

Some clouds this morning

I noticed these trees have green trunks - sort of mossy looking

A Fall scene

There are a lot of rail fences in this area

This old tree is down by the beach in the campground

I got up late as it was raining and decided to stay in bed for a while but this causes my hips to hurt. Oh well!

This afternoon we headed in to Ottawa to have a final chiropractic treatment. Gordon's back has been really bothering him so the chiropractor sent him for x-rays so he has to go back again tomorrow but I'm done hopefully till we return to Ontario in April/May timeframe. We picked up our prescriptions for the winter. That was a costly stop!

On our way home the sky was really dark and we had a few rain showers.

They've been turning Hwy 7, an east west route that takes us into Ottawa into a 4 lane freeway. They're making great strides in getting it going. Here they're building an overpass at Dwyer Hill Road. When it's complete it will make our commute from Carleton Place to Ottawa much faster!


  1. Oh your photos look so wondeful.. its like they have been swiped with colorful paintbrushes of Nature!

  2. I agree with Karen. We still have a month before our trees look like that.


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