Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday October 10, 2009-Carleton Place to Brighton, ON

The site we were on at Tranquil Acres was grass and where we have to back the truck up to the RV to hitch up was a low spot so we'd been parking it across the road on a gravel spot for the last few days. Due to the rain that we had overnight Thursday night, all day Friday and most of Friday night as well as what we'd gotten through the week, it was very soggy.

We were slow packing up today as we had around three hours to travel so we pulled out about 10:50 a.m. By that time the clouds had mostly gone leaving us with sunshine and big fluffy white clouds. It was about 10C (50F) by then.

Photo taken just as we were leaving Tranquil Acres

Our drive along Highway 7 from Carleton Place to the turnoff to Tweed (which takes us to Hwy 401) was awesome. I think this weekend the trees are at their best colour so I was snapping photos as we drove along. I also saw a moose but we went by too quickly to get a photo of it. I thought Gordon was going to try to do a U turn with the rig but he only lost his senses for a moment and we continued on.

Photos taken along Highway 7

We arrived at the Brighton KOA just before 2 p.m. and were set up in about 15 minutes. We aren't setting up any satellites as the KOA has good wifi and we don't need to watch TV for one night.

Our site at the KOA

Barn just down the road from the KOA

After we got set up we headed off to see Presqu'ile Provincial Park. It's a very pretty park on Lake Ontario. We went to the beach. It was really windy and there was a kite boarder on the Lake. We took the Marsh Boardwalk Trail and then went to the lighthouse. We saw a few ducks and some geese and I saw a bluebird!

Kiteboarder on Lake Ontario

The Marsh Boardwalk

Marsh grass

Sunlight on the boardwalk

The Marsh

Part of the path led us through some really interesting trees

Lake Ontario shoreline


Presqu'ile Lighthouse

Before we came back to the RV we filled up with fuel so we can get on the road tomorrow and get through Toronto early.

Now we're settled in with stew for dinner and relaxing.

I saw this information on the RV Travel e-letter today and thought some of you might be interested.


  1. Lot's of great pictures in your post today, Sandra. The old barn one is really nice.

  2. Beautiful colors. I love when the trees are turning in the fall.

    Safe travels.

  3. What beauty, and it's captured in pictures. Thanks for the barn picture.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend up there! Loved your pictures of the fall color as you traveled to Brighton KOA!

    Is it migration to the south time again, eh? :)

    Happy Travels!
    Kathy and Grant
    Currently in Zion National Park, Utah

  5. OH I laughed at the *turn around for the moose picture* ... that was funny and sooooo typical for my Steveio too. Lovely photos today, as usual! Thanks for sharing.


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