Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday October 9, 2009 - Thanksgiving Dinner

Today was a gray, rainy, damp day. It was raining lightly when I went for my walk but since I was dressed for it, I went anyway although I didn't go far.

We just hung around the RV most of the morning and early afternoon. I made a stew for us to have for dinner while we're on the road the next couple of days.

This afternoon we got ready to go to my sister's for our Thanksgiving dinner. This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with Monday being Thanksgiving Day but because we're leaving tomorrow my sister decided to have dinner tonight instead even though she had to work all day!

Tomorrow we head out on the first leg of our journey south. We want to get closer to Toronto so we can get through the city early Sunday morning so we're thinking of the KOA at Brighton. I haven't made a reservation but when I checked yesterday they had sites available. I will call when we get on the road in the morning. Then Sunday we head to Sherkston Shores near Fort Erie, Ontario where we'll stay for probably two weeks and cross the border on Sunday October 25th. Although we love this campground, it will be nice to see some different sites and get some photos of Lake Erie again.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner and I did pretty well. I only had a small helping of stuffing, no potatoes and a rice krispie square for desert so although I didn't stick to my diet completely I didn't load up on stuffing the way I normally would. Thanks to Margie and John for all the work and a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! It was great to be able to see Nick, Betty and Danica too before we leave the area tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone on Facebook who wished us a Happy Thanksgiving! We're looking forward to a second one when we're in the U.S. next month!

It rained pretty much all day and was raining when we drove home tonight. Neither one of us see that well in the dark especially when it's raining but we got home okay!


For this winter, I'd really appreciate it if I'm taken off your mailing lists for all emails with large photos enclosed. We'll be using our own internet satellite this winter and these things eat up our bandwidth like crazy. Also I'll have to refrain from reading blogs with music and large photos but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! I know I go on about this ad nauseum but when you're on the road it's important!

Gordon has updated his journal, to read it, click here.

No photos today!

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