Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thursday October 8, 2009-Back to Ottawa

Today was a gorgeous sunny day. We managed a high of 15C (59F). I had a lovely walk!

Clouds and leaves
Gordon had to go back to the chiropractor today and get the results of x-rays he had taken yesterday. The news was good. There is no change in his spine since we first started going to this chiropractor 10 years ago. His pain apparently is from the facet joints and can be fixed with further treatment however we're leaving here on Saturday so he has exercises to do.

While we were out I got all my medical receipts together to send in for reimbursement, we stopped at a grocery and ran a few errands. We also stopped at Bruce Pit which is mostly used for off leash dog running but it's a pretty spot so took some photos there.

Bruce Pit
Great blue heron at Bruce Pit

One of the trails

We were home for a late lunch. Then I made some cornbread stuffing for Gordon as we're going to my sister's tomorrow night for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I'm not sure what I'll eat at this point but I can eat turkey!

We put away some of the outside stuff today since it was such a nice day. I'd rather put things in the compartment when they're dry and tomorrow it's another rain day!

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