Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday September 21, 2009-Getting Things Done

We had another absolutely gorgeous day today and reached nearly 24C (75F) although when I started the day it was only 5C (41F).

So I had my morning walk in bright sunshine down the farm road taking photos along the way. I've discovered that if I carry my camera under my arm with the strap around my neck it doesn't bounce when I run which was the main reason I don't carry it in the morning.

This little pony was watching me

Walking along the corn field

Lots of log buildings around Carleton Place

I came to a curve in the road and turned back the way I'd come

After breakfast I got the laundry packed up and went in to the laundromat in Carleton Place. An hour and a half later I was headed home with it all done.

We had lunch and then drove into Ottawa. We had some tests that we had done and had to drop the results off to the lab there. On our way back we stopped at our RV dealer and made an appointment to get a few things fixed and checked out before we leave the area. We had also brought our empty propane tank along so got that filled at the local Canadian Tire in Carleton Place. Then off to Bulk Barn to get Gordon some peanuts and Reese's pieces and to get some bulk brown and white sugar, then home!

When we returned it was still beautiful out so I sat outside and read and took a walk down by the river, then inside thinking I might nap but that didn't work out.

The trees along the river are changing quickly

For the past three days I have been off eye drops which I had been using now for a couple of years due to allergies. However, the eye drops seemed to be causing problems that were worse than the allergies so I decided to stop them to see what happens. I still have some blurriness and dryness but the headaches have pretty much stopped. I'll see the eye doctor next week so will discuss this with him.

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  1. Take care of those eyes have too much to see


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