Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday September 25, 2009 - A Day By Myself

When I got up this morning it was only 7C (45F) but bright and sunny with some clouds around. I set off on my walk and was heading south on the farm road when a deer jumped out in front of me. He took me by surprise as I've never seen a deer there before so no photo but it was a nice surprise! He headed off into the bush.

Fall Scenery

Gordon was going out with his friend, Jim this morning so he left the RV park around 5:00 a.m. to meet Jim at his house at the south end of the city.

While he was gone I got the vacuuming and cleaning done and got our expenses spreadsheet updated. This month is NOT going to be a good one for expenses. I also received a call from my doctor's office. The results of my food screening that I had done last week is in so I'm going in to see her and get the news next week.

After lunch and a brief nap I went out for another walk to the same area I was in this morning, this time ready with my camera but no deer! When I came back I stopped at talked to the fellow who is two sites down from us. They're fulltimers from Austin, TX.

Fluffy white clouds and changing tree

A line of poplars

The trees by the Mississippi change a little more every day

Gordon arrived home somewhere around 3 p.m. He and Jim had a good time driving around the countryside taking photos.

It's supposed to be a cold one tonight at 2C (36F).

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  1. I did not have your email address to answer your questions in the comment on my blog. If you click on the link to the meatloaf there is a recipe posted there. I can drink Sapporo, a Japanese rice beer with no problems. Also, Redbridge Beer produced by Anhauser Busch is gluten free. Not that good, but it suffices if it is the only gluten free beer I can find.


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