Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday August 16, 2009 - The Good and the Bad

First the good - Today is our youngest granddaughter's first birthday. I took this photo in April and she has grown so much! She started walking a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday Iris!

Now the bad - it was three years ago today that we had to put our poodle, Bib to sleep. It happened here in Lindsay and I see the vet's office almost every time I go to town. Sure wish I had chosen a different vet further away! He was such a handsome looking dog even though he did have a few personality problems. I still miss him.

Photos from my morning walk

A boy fishing in the misty river
This trailer is ready for Hallowe'en a little early

Yellow wildflowers

Dead tree
A lot of wild carrot

We spent a quiet day around the RV. I sat outside and read. There is a large copse of trees behind us and therefore we get shade almost all day. When I got sleepy I came inside for a nap! It was another day with 33C (92F) temperatures. The last week has been trying to make up for the cool temperatures of the rest of the summer.

It was nice to spend a quiet day after yesterday.


  1. Sandie, Could love to pick your brain a little about your Satellite Internet access while in the States....but everything I click on the link that says 'contact' I get an error message.
    Any chance you could e-mail me at so I could ask a few questions ??

  2. Lynne Ennis8:28 am

    Bib was such a handsome fellow.... those sad eyes! Our pups are like our children aren't they.


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