Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday August 21, 2009-Ladies Day Out

Today my sisters, Betty & Margie, my niece, Danica and my niece-in-law, Becky picked me up at the RV park for our ladies day out. First Becky wanted to see the RV as she has never seen it. She was impressed!

From there we went in to Lindsay to a little clothing shop that usually has some really good bargains but Margie was the only one who got anything and she got a top for $2.00. Then to Giant Tiger next door to pick up some stuff.

Danica was our driver today so we then headed to Fenelon Falls. Fenelon Falls claims to be the Niagara of the Kawarthas. We had lunch at the Fallsview Restaurant which overlooks the falls. It's pretty but the falls are noisy!

At the Fallsview Restaurant, on the left - me, Margie, Betty and on the right in front is Becky and peeking out behind her is Danica with the Falls in the background.

After lunch we walked around the little town and went in to some of the shops. Betty bought a pair of shoes and Danica bought a small back pack but the rest of us didn't buy anything.

From there we continued around Sturgeon Lake to Bobcaygeon where we again toured the shops and this time none of us bought anything.

We were lucky in that we had some dark clouds but only a couple of drops of rain. It turned out to be quite nice in spite of the forecast.

Around 3:30 we arrived back at the cottage in time to have a nap before dinner.

Some photos of the two cottages

The back of Betty & Garth's cottage - this faces the road

Back and front of the guest cottage

Margie and John made most of the dinner. They were making spaghetti so Gordon needed gluten free pasta and I can't eat tomatoes so I had brought an Alfredo sauce for me. All these food allergies are complicated at a dinner like this. She also made garlic bread, sausage and caesar salad.

Dinner at Betty & Garth's cottage

We retired to the guest cottage for desert which Danica had made, some nice squares and shortly after Gordon and I headed for home. Tomorrow is another busy day at the cottage.

Margie & John's wire-haired terrier, Jasper

Far too much eating today!

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  1. Oh, what a lovely day for all of you. Such pretty scenes and photos. Thanks, Sandra.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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