Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday August 22, 2009 - Margie's 50th Birthday Party!

Today was another day at the cottage. We had a forecast for thunderstorms but we only had some rain when Garth was cooking our steaks at dinner time and then again when we left to go home.

We arrived at the cottage shortly before noon to find a note saying everyone was out in the boat. We went down to the dock and it wasn't long before the boat came along with everyone waving.

Then it was lunch time - hot dogs and chips on the back deck.

After lunch I took some bird photos - this bluejay was on top of the cottage

Nick and Becky were playing with a football out in the water. Nick is diving off the raft to get the ball. Quite a dive!

Some of us had an afternoon nap and Betty and I went for a walk.

Gordon and nephew, Nick shucking the corn for dinner.

An old dock down by the boathouses

Margie will be 50 tomorrow, hard to imagine. She still looks like a teenager. We had blown up some balloons and attached them to her chair.

And here we all are at dinner in the dining room at the cottage

Margie models the fancy box-link bracelet that Betty & Garth and Gordon & I gave her

The night was topped off by fireworks done by John and Nick.

The end of a great day!

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  1. Absolutely awesome! Nice touch with the fireworks.


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