Monday, 4 May 2009

To the Falls

I woke up during the night with a sore throat. When is this going to end? It's been over three weeks already! So I broke down this morning and took a cold pill as my head was feeling like my cold was coming back. I really hate taking them as they affect the inner workings of my system - LOL!

I had found a geocache at some Falls near here, called Princess Louise Falls or Taylor Falls so we decided to go and see the Falls regardless of how we were feeling. I wasn't up to climbing the falls to find the geocache as I wasn't interested in getting wet. If it hadn't been for the geocaching site, we never would have known about these Falls. They are in a suburb of Ottawa called Orleans and there is a pathway that takes you to them. To get to the bottom of the falls you have to go down a very steep trail which, of course, means that you have to come back up again. Here are some photos that I took.

This is the path to the Falls that goes through Fallingbrook housing area

Princess Louise Falls

You have to cross here to get to the left side where the geocache is - next time I'll take my walking stick

The path back up to get to the truck

We got back in time for lunch and then I had a nap as I was feeling kind of puny. I had planned to go into town for some groceries but canned that idea.

Instead I started printing off some geocaches for tomorrow. We're going to pick up my new battery and electric cable for my computer so I was looking for caches in that area. I was on my third one when my printer ran out of ink. OK, back to low tech, pencil and paper.

Thanks to Donna, FL for letting me know that there is an 'off-road' button to click so I'll try that tomorrow. I already knew about the 'pedestrian' button.


  1. Don't worry about if you found it or not just enjoy the journey to the area and remember that the cache can be maybe 3m for the GPS ocoordinates. I am not after numbers but the interesting places that they bring me to like veteran memorials, water right information, etc.
    You can check my finds at "coachliving"

  2. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I'm really enjoying geocaching! Like you, it has taken us to many interesting places! Beautiful falls!

  3. I did a new list of geocaches in our area and came up with 9 new ones within a mile. I better get busy. It's really fun, check my list under skylover

  4. Wonderful photos....thanks for the paths --- hope you feel beter soon



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