Friday, 8 May 2009

Friday May 8th

Last night after it finished raining the sun came out and we had a beautiful partial rainbow. So we went off chasing rainbows! Then back to Petrie Island where we walked on the pathway. It's not flooded there any more but it sure isn't dry yet.

The partial rainbow

The path at the Petrie Island beach


Pretty cloud reflection

The Cumberland ferries passing on the Ottawa River

I have a small correction to my April expense spreadsheet. Our extended health care did pay all but $38 of our $90 charge. Every little bit helps!

I was able to walk this morning - no rain and I felt decent. I even did the 'up the hill' walk.

These are the two hills - the campground is at the top of the first hill

And this is the 'up hill'

After breakfast I got ready and went into Orleans to the Mall and a couple of other stores. I needed to get ink for the printer and get my hair cut!

We only had a few sprinkles of rain this afternoon and have had quite a bit of sun contrary to the forecast. We got very close to 21C (70F) today. That's the first time we've seen a temperature that high in quite a while.

I bought a turkey breast the other day so that's what I'm cooking for dinner tonight. I love turkey!


  1. Turkey is good for you and Sherri and I eat it as often as we can. That hill looks challenging that would top off a great workout!

  2. that hill looks huge! Crawling sounds better

  3. thanks for sharing the budget break down. I'm still a couple years away from going full time but I'm already planning and dreaming.


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