Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Not Much

This morning was cloudy but it hadn't started to rain yet so I went on my walk. We're supposed to have rainy days till Monday, then one day of sun before back to rain again. I was walking around the campground when I felt a 'plop' on my hat. It didn't feel like rain so took my hat off, and sure enough, a bird had pooped on it. Reminded me of a poem my Dad used to say:

A little bird went flying by
It dropped some whitewash in my eye
I didn't laugh, I didn't cry
I just thanked God that cows don't fly

Oh so true!

After a nap I went in to Walmart to see if the nectarines had come in - nope. Did some photocopying at Staples then to Your Independent but they didn't have nectarines either. I don't understand why they had them when we arrived here and now they don't. One of life's mysteries!

Today's photo is Gordon's photo of the day - he can even make a dandelion look good!


  1. Yes, I've heard that saying and very glad cows don't fly. What a gorgeous flower picture. I would have never known it was a dandelion. Thanks of the post.

  2. I need Gordon to take a picture of me...I would need a lot of work...but I bet he could do it.

  3. Love the photo and the poem, Sandra!
    Hope you'll get some sunshine soon!


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