Saturday, 9 May 2009

Saturday May 9th

Another morning with no rain - Bonus! Today was 'down the hill' day. (See yesterday's post for photos of the hills.)

It started raining late this morning and continued through most of the day. I got out my yo yos (photo below) and made some new ones for my yo yo quilt blocks while watching Forrest Gump, then relaxed while watching Hush with Tori Spelling.

I tried to do some craft rearranging but that didn't work out very well. I thought if I put my jewelry stuff into my yo yo case and moved the yo yos elsewhere that I'd have easier access to the jewelry but the bin wasn't large enough so had to move everything back again. More rethinking......

I also worked on the Conde Nast Where Are You for May and I think I have the answer!

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