Sunday, 3 May 2009

Geocaching Frustrations

I did go out for my walk this morning, up the hill and even managed a bit of running but that hill sure tires me out. It was 14C (57F) this morning and the sun was shining however we did have some cloudy periods during the day.

Gordon didn't feel the best this morning. He said he felt achy and kind of feverish but he did rally enough to go geocaching with me this afternoon. We traipsed around in the underbrush behind Rockland High School but didn't manage to find the geocache. I'll have to try to find something easier. I'm not overly impressed with Miss Pinky's geocaching performance.

Bushwacking and looking for the geocache

Lots of undergrowth

The Trilliums are in bloom (Ontario's official flower since 1937)

My sister in Toronto called this afternoon and we had a nice chat. I won't be seeing her until probably August when we go to Lindsay.


  1. So sorry you didn't find the geocache. Did the geo page say when it was found last? I was going today, but looked like rain. It never did rain, go figure. I hope you try again.

  2. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Hi Sandra,

    We haven’t been Geocaching for very long (22 caches) and are still learning to think outside the box during our hunts. It could be that someone has moved the cache from it's original location.

    Our GPS is a Garmin NUVI 660 and as log as I remember to change the settings to Route Preference of 'Off Road' and Vehicle of 'Pedestrian', it works pretty good.

    Bet you didn't know that both you and Juanita and Gordon (Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet) had an influence in our decision to start Geocaching. I read about it on your blogs and thought it sounded like a fun way to stimulate the mind while getting in a little exercise.

    Happy Caching!
    Donna, FL

  3. So many caches so little time, moving right along to one that wants to be found. Some folks get a kick out of having their cache so well hidden that no one can find it.
    In my mind I don't have much time for that.



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