Friday, 6 March 2009

Walmart and Lost Maples State Natural Area

L-61 (16C)
H-81 (27C)

I tried to sleep with the windows open last night but two of our neighbours had gone yesterday and they had been blocking the light pole. The light would have been shining right in our eyes so windows closed, fan on.

This morning was cloudy again but fairly warm with a little breeze so I set out for the island. I still didn't see any deer but I was later this morning. I slept in till 8.

Waterfall in the Guadalupe River as seen from the island

After breakfast and getting the vacuuming done, I set out for Walmart to get the items needed to make my Calico Beans for tomorrow's potluck. Of course while I was there I managed to buy much more than that. I tell myself I'm stocking up on stuff I can't buy at home. While there I met Jesse and Ginger. I didn't think I'd get by today at Walmart without seeing someone I knew.

We finally got the Starchoice dish set up today. We hadn't bothered since there was cable here but it's only 12 channels and usually it's not too clear. We weren't able to get a very good signal but it works better than what we had.

Around 2 p.m. we started out for Lost Maples State Natural Area. It's a little over an hour's drive from here with some very pretty scenery along the way. We drove through their campground and liked it very much, then on to the trails. We took the shortest one since it was already past 3 p.m. but it was a beautiful trail, lots of rocks that the path went along and over and pretty scenery again. Maple Trail was a loop trail so on the way back we had to cross about three streams over slippery rocks. I slipped on one and one foot ended up in the water but all was well. We really enjoyed the park. I wouldn't mind camping there one day.

A view of the hills on our drive to Lost Maples

On our way to the Lost Maples State Natural Area

The campground at the State Natural Area

On the Maple Trail

Scenery along the trail

More trail photos

Pretty purple flowering bush

Me sitting on a bench in the park

We continue along the trail

Here we had to cross some water

The man that follows me

We took a different route home and it was quite scenic as well. We arrived home just before 6 p.m. A very fun filled afternoon!

A couple of views on our way home

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