Monday, 2 March 2009

February Expenses & Grocery Shopping in Victoria

This was a pretty good month so I don't have many comments. Our campground fees were higher as we were staying in State Parks which one would think should be cheaper. If we had still been at Port Lavaca, we would have come in well under $2000 for the month.

It was 35F (2C) this morning when I got up at about 7:30. It was bright and sunny however with little wind so I bundled up and away I went along the River Trail. I didn't see much but it was a lovely walk.

More trail photos

A tree of buzzards

Glenn, Sylvia, Bandit and Snowflake came over to say goodbye around 9:30 a.m. as they were heading to San Antonio today. I took their photo standing beside their rig.

Then I got the hose out and washed the undercarriage of the RV to get the salt off it from being at Goose Island and Mustang Island, I also hosed down the body. Now I have to redo the windows but I can do them anywhere. Most RV parks don't allow washing of rigs so I had to get it done before we left Goliad.

Female cardinal posed for me

Gordon went out and got propane as we ran out of one tank last night. Then he decided he wanted to go in to Victoria (70 mile round trip) so I got the grocery list and the water bottles and we went in and had lunch at Taco Bell and then to Walmart for groceries. I hadn't done much shopping since we left Rockport so had quite an order today. On our way back we filled up with diesel as it was 1.99.9 in Victoria compared to 2.19.9 here in Goliad.

The HEB Grocery Store (Texas chain) has their own brand of corn chips shaped like Texas!

On our way back from Victoria, we stopped to take a photo of this Texas Longhorn

Even with our frigid night we managed to get up to 76F (24C) today. It's only supposed to get down to 40F (4C) tonight so we'll see and then warm up over the next few days even though we'll be moving about 170 miles north on Wednesday. We'll actually be north of San Antonio.

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  1. Good to see the temps have not been all that bad. We have had some cold days up here when we went to the country for the weekend. It warmed up during the day which was nice. I am back at work now and have only 4 days and then we leave for Kerrville. Will be nice to see everyone again.

    Joe and Sherri


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