Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Travel Day to Kerrville in Texas Hill Country

I got up at 7 a.m. today since it was a travel day. It was 47F (8C), bright and sunny. I walked the part of the River Trail again and then back thru the trail that goes along the bridge. I was hoping that being out that early I might see some deer but it wasn't to happen.

One last trail photo from Goliad State Park.

We got our work done and pulled out at 10:20 a.m. It was already 75F (24C) and soon moved to 77F (25C). Our high for today was about 81F (27C). We took the bypass around San Antonio but it was still quite busy especially as we neared I-10 but the trip was uneventful.

We had a bout of construction. We don't have Pilot Cars at construction areas at home so I always find this interesting. The pilot car goes ahead of the public to the other side then turns around and does the same for cars in the opposite direction.

Our first views of the Texas hills

Approaching Kerrville

We arrived at By the River RV Park shortly before 1 p.m. Gordon was tired so we decided to take a pull through site instead of a back in so it was $141 for the week. The campground runs along the Guadaloupe River and is actually on a fork of the river. There is also an island that is part of the campground and the bridge is very close to us so I know where I'll be doing my morning walks. After we got set up we went for a walk over on the island and saw a few deer but they were too fast to get a photo. At least we know they're here.

Our site

This is the Guadaloupe River Fork that runs between the campground and the island

Me standing in a huge cypress tree

Interesting tree

Looking across at our site from the island - we're in between the two RVs that back on the river fork

A little falls in the fork

The campground is very dry so our site is quite dusty but we're pleased with it and the island is a bonus. It does feel strange to look out our window and see another RV beside us but the sites aren't right on top of each other although closer than we normally like.

After dinner and before sunset, we took a drive into town to locate the Superwalmart, HEB and the Mall so now I should be able to find them on my own!


  1. I love that area of Texas. The hills are nice after spending the winter down in the RGV.

  2. Well I'll be Sherri and I stayed at that park a couple of years ago. I love the price...sure wish I had thought about staying there instead of the place we are at....too much $$$ for our budget! Oh well we will have to bite the bullet. I do hope we can get together while we are down there. Sherri and I will be there tomorrow.

    Joe and Sherri


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