Thursday, 5 March 2009

Looking Around and Meeting Up with RV-Dreamers

L-60F (16C)
H-84F (29C)

This morning started off cloudy but warm for my walk around the island. Gordon had just come back and had seen some deer but didn't get very good photos. I didn't see any. He must have scared them away.

A trail on the island

After breakfast we got ready and went into town. I needed to go to GNC so Gordon dropped me off then went and looked at the Louise Hays Park and then to the Tourist Information Center where he found lots of information on the area and some things to take photos of. I stopped at Albertson's just to be different and we then went and had lunch at Taco Casa. As I ate both tomatoes and cheese, we'll see how that fares out. We stopped at the dam off Guadaloupe Rd and took a few photos.

The falls at the dam

We came home and unloaded the groceries, did some computer time and had a short nap and a shower to get ready to go to Buckhorn Lake RV Resort to meet up with the rv-dreamers. They were getting together and Keith and Donna's tonight for appetizers. I made nachos to take along so Gordon would have something he could eat.

We arrived at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort shortly before 5 p.m. and comandeered Dortha's microwave to make my nachos. We gathered at Kevin and Donna's for our appetizers. There were a few people there that I hadn't met before but I've read most of their blogs. Here are some of the folks.

Mark and Dortha

Keith and Donna

Bob and Molly - we first met them last year in Mesa, AZ

Ellie, Jim and I

Arlene, Donna, Lynnette and half of Donna AKA nonna on chat

We stayed a couple of hours and then left before sunset so Gordon could take some sunset photos. Mark had told us about a shot to take a short ways from their RV park. Here it is.


We then drove a ways out of town and took a few photos. There are a couple of roads that have pretty drives but it was brutal for Gordon driving into the sun.


It was still pretty warm when we got home so we turned on the air.......

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