Saturday, 7 February 2009

Our Day - From Sunrise to Sunset

This morning it was 62F (17C) again but really windy. Gordon had left early to go on the bird walk that is offered here Wednesday to Sunday. He's learning what all the miscellaneous brown birds are. We've just been calling them MBBs. I again went to the forested campground and decided to do all of Turk's Cap trail. It was a nice walk, I saw no one which is nice. It was so peaceful. I stopped to take a photo of a mangolia tree and heard some scurrying around and out from under it popped a raccoon. As soon as he saw me he beat a hasty retreat but he was a cute little guy.

A sunrise photo

Magnolia tree
This is a really lousy photo of my raccoon but it's the only one I had a chance to get before he turned tail and ran.

The trail

Once back at the RV, I had my breakfast and took advantage of Gordon still being out to get the vacuuming done. When he got back we both went up to the campground showers. The new showers here are great!

This afternoon we decided to drive over to Bayside which is across Copano Bay from us. We went over there quite a bit last time we were in the area and it's the first place we saw roseate spoonbills. That was not to happen today, however.

In preparation for going to a new place I listed a few geocaches, just in case. When I got in the truck I put them manually into Miss Pinky.

On our way out we drove north on 35 to see if the whooping cranes were at the feeders. They were! This photo isn't a great one but at least it shows that I saw them!

It was so windy over there you could hardly stand up, no chance for wearing a hat, it was off your head in no time. We tried to find a geocache but I almost got blown off the top of the picnic table I was standing on so we decided it wasn't a nice day for geocaching and came back to Rockport. We stopped at a couple of birding places that we know from being here before but didn't see anything. There are more birds along the Beach Road which was our next stopping area. We saw lots of birds here!

This is the pier at Bayside on Copano Bay

From there we continued along Fulton Beach Road till it joins up with 35 and then headed north to Goose Island State Park. We stopped at Pop's, a local restaurant on the way to look at their menu. The parking lot is always packed. Don't know if we'll get to eat there or not but it's a possibility at some point.

American Avocets in Little Bay in Rockport

We reached a high today of 77F (25C). If it wasn't for the wind, it would have been wonderful, even with the wind it was pretty nice. We're not talking a breeze here, we're talking wind, the kind that makes trees look like this one.
And another beautiful sunset to end a great day!

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  1. Absolutely breath taking.

    Joe and Sherri


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