Friday, 6 February 2009

Geocaching 9 for 6!

It was 62F (17C) and sunny when I got up at 7:30 this morning. I had opened both windows last night but closed one when I heard some rain on the roof. It was so nice to hear the waves lapping right behind our fifth wheel.

I took a different route this morning walking to the other end of the bayside sites and then back to the wooded area but only as far as the first place I saw deer last week then back home. After breakfast, I sat outside for a while but it was starting to get windy so didn't stay out for long. Gordon went out for a drive over to the Big Tree area and along St. Charles Bay as I was taking the truck this afternoon.

I saw this female cardinal on my morning walk

Today was the day that Ellie, Dortha, Deb (all from the rv-dreams chatroom and fellow fulltime RVers) and I were getting together to go geocaching. We had decided on six geocaches. They picked me up at an agreed upon spot just before 1 p.m. and away we went. We found the six geocaches quite quickly. Ellie had found some others previously so we found those as well, in total we found nine today so it was a good day. It was getting very windy this afternoon and although the thermometer was registering 74F (23C), the wind was making it feel cooler so I was glad I had taken my jean jacket along.

Deb found the first one (and most of the others)!

The Geocaching Team
Brown pigeon at the Rockport Beach

Long billed curlew in Little Bay

Great blue heron closeup

This is one of the smallest geocaches we found

Ellie finds one of the Geoduck caches

The ladies dropped me at the truck around 3:30 p.m. and I ran into Bealls as they had a Clinique special and I was almost out of moisturizer. It's about half the price here that it is at home. I also stopped at one of the T-shirt places along the Beach Road as I had never been in it before. I looked at some baseball caps as I want to replace my Florida one that didn't fare so well in the wash but didn't like the one they had. So I'll keep looking.

It will be a quiet night tonight. Our satellite has been very slow at night lately so it's taking me ages to upload my blog. I usually have to do one photo at a time. They must have put too many people on our satellite as it's not too bad in the mornings. The perils of being on the road!

Sunset complete with sunrays

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  1. Well I am having some slow moments on Blog Spot myself..May be the site is running slow today?

    Joe and Sherri


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