Monday, 2 February 2009

End of January Expenses

January Expenses

Expenses for January aren't what I had hoped but we did have to buy a new computer. We also purchased a new camera bag for Gordon's new lens and a backup battery for my new camera. Remember the total is in Canadian funds. Taking an average currency conversation for the month in U.S. dollars we were under $3000.00 for the month.

Campground expenses cover the campground plus electricity for Powderhorn in Port Lavaca and four days at Goose Island State Park. At least we cut down on food expenses from last month!

This morning was sunny and windy and 51F (11C) when I left the RV around 7:45 a.m. I, as usual, headed over to the forested area. Still didn't see any deer and not much else of the critter variety so when I came upon the Turk's Cap trail I decided to walk on part of it. Here are some photos of the trail.

This is what they call a deer bed.

Clouds coming in. Once they started they came in really fast.

Clouds this morning over the pier

I was gone over an hour and did 3.4 miles, 6998 steps and 312.3 calories. I figure I needed it from everything I ate at the Superbowl party yesterday. In fact, I need more!

This morning I also pulled a muscle in my upper back so I lay on the floor for a few minutes, then did my upper back stretch and put some heat on it. Hopefully it will work itself out.

After some reading and a nap this afternoon, I felt well enough to go back and do the rest of Turk's Cap Trail. We also stopped for a while at the bird feeders.

The moon was up this afteroon

Hermit thrush at the bird feeding area

When finished we went and filled up with diesel at 2.09.9/gal then headed north to see if the whooping cranes were out, they weren't so drove back along St. Charles Bay.

This is the road that goes to Big Tree. It's pretty with the live oaks as a canopy over the road.

When I got back to the RV I had gone 9664 steps, 4.7 miles and burned 431.4 calories (for the whole day).

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  1. We will have to keep our campground budget somewhere around what you have. cannot go over too much or we have to stop eating...LOL. Hey wont have to excercise as much as you if we stop eating...I guess every cloud has a silver lining. May see you in chat tonight.



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