Saturday, 1 November 2008

Visiting the Grandchildren

Today we were going to see Ian (Gordon's son), his wife, Tracy and their three kids, Caden, Lilly and Iris. They live in Dayton. We were on our way when we came across this accident and had to take a detour along with a few large semis and various other vehicles.

We had a nice visit for a couple of hours and got to see the kids. This is the newest member of the family, Iris, now 2 1/2 months old with her Daddy.

Here's Lilly and Caden with Grandpa shortly after we arrived.

And here's Grammy with all three grandkids.

Lilly wearing the necklace that Grammy made for her - it's orange, her favourite colour!

And here's Iris wearing her necklace. She doesn't seem impressed.

Caden holding Iris
On our way back there were several hot air balloons in the sky. Here's two of them.

We were out chasing the hot air balloons when we saw this parachutist. There were lots of others too and the plane that was carrying them came in as we watched.

And that's it for today! We'll be staying here another day to rest up.

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