Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Resting in Delaware, OH

Today was another cold, gray day. It was 33F (.5C) when I got up. I layered my clothes and went for my walk. Today I just did my walk/run around the park and did my exercises inside. We didn't have anything planned for today as Gordon needed to get some rest.

I did some internet surfing this morning while Gordon went to the office to pay for another couple of days. We'll be leaving here to head to Lebanon, OH on Thursday.

Last night I was very tired so forgot to mention what a lot of trouble Michelle went to yesterday to prepare a lovely meal for us. She made a yummy beef stew and also made gluten free biscuits. I contributed a small amount by chopping up veggies for a salad. She also had a gluten free cherry crumble and some gluten free cookies as well as birthday cake and ice cream. Both Michelle and her father have celiac disease, Michelle was only diagnosed last year so she's always trying new recipes. Luckily there are quite a few stores in the Columbus area that sell gluten free foods.

This afternoon I read, had a nap, packaged up the meat that I bought yesterday to put in the freezer, updated my expenses spreadsheet and generally relaxed. Gordon slept most of the afternoon as he felt like he was coming down with a cold overnight. He says he thinks he beat it.

I also found out that Sassy (Kris) from the rv-dreams chatroom is across the road at Alum Creek State Park. Hope we can find time to get together even for a few minutes but it all depends on when we'll be going to see family tomorrow.

Gordon took the above photo of Grace icing her birthday cake.


  1. I bet Grace feels so grown up, icing her own cake. That is so cute.

    I hope that Gordon is feeling better, and didn't get a cold.

    It was in low 30's here last night. Very rare. But it will be up into 40's and 50's at night for the next week. Days are sunny and warm.
    Happy Trails, Penny

  2. We are getting some of that cold weather here. I really hope we don't have a hard winter. Cold is OK but freezing cold is another thing all together.



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