Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Hallowe'en!

I don't consider Hallowe'en to be a holiday nor have I celebrated it since I was a kid and could do trick or treating. Gordon and I usually went out for dinner on Hallowe'en when we had the house. There were a couple of years where we gave out candy but we never had many visitors so stopped doing it.

Tonight we'll be at Gordon's sister, Carol's house for dinner. I don't think she has many visitors either. It will be good to see Carol and Rick. It's been a year since we saw them last. As I mentioned earlier in the week Rick had a heart attack last week but is now home and is doing well.

This morning when I got up it was 36F (2C) but by noon it was 60F (16C) and very nice, bright and sunny. I went for my walk/run around the campground. Gordon had been out at sunrise and announced that they have put in some new sites at the back that might be good for our satellites. They're pull thrus too so he's going to check them out before we leave. I managed to cover all of the campground while I was out.

Photos from around the park

After breakfast I changed the bed (with a little help), got the laundry together and got that out of the way. They have a basic laundry room here but it has 3 large gas dryers which dry really quickly so it didn't take long. I love those big gas dryers!

I had found a campground listed on called Excello Mobile Homes Park that is in Middletown, OH and quite close to Carol. It's not an RV park but an old mobile home park with a lot of seniors. We wanted to check it out but it turned out not to be somewhere Gordon wanted to stay and most of the sites we couldn't see the satellites.

On to try to find a Walmart but wound up going to a Meijer instead. Meijer is similar to Walmart but I like Walmart better. Got most of what I needed.

We arrived at Carol and Rick's a little early and had a nice chat with them. Carol prepared a lovely chicken dinner with rice and broccoli and fruit for dessert. Gordon was feeling tired by then so we left for home.

Here's Carol and Rick. He sure looks great for just having had a heart attack and of course, Carol always looks great.

We got to a respectable 72F (22C) today. Just a beautiful day!

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  1. Sandra, Where are you heading for the winter?
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