Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Our Last Day in Delaware, OH

The sun was just peeking out through the trees when I got up this morning. Nice to see it again! I had lots to do this morning before meeting RVing friends, Kris and Mike Ward from Medway, OH at Taco Bell for lunch. I had to have a shower, find cookbooks for Michelle, pick a spot at our next campground so we can see the satellites, call them and reserve (hate doing that), find some calcium pills in our pill container for Gordon and a myriad of other little tasks. At least I managed to find the cookbooks for Michelle and have a shower! The showers here aren't particularly wonderful but they heat their washroom which is wonderful in this weather!

Oh, and it snowed in Ottawa last night. Makes the cold here seem not quite so bad!

We met Kris (Sassy on rv-dreams chatroom) and Mike, fellow RVers at Taco Bell for lunch and had a nice chat with them. It was great to finally meet them. We had set it up to meet in the spring but then Gordon got sick and we wound up not being able to get together. They are staying across the road from us at the Alum Creek State Park campground so we just had to make arrangements to meet for a few minutes at least. Sure glad we did!

Kris & Mike

After that we had to make a couple of stops to get some gluten free flour and some crimp beads, then on to Michelle and Eric's house to see them and the kids. Michelle cooked up a storm again and made a really yummy stir fry for dinner. She also had baked and bought a bunch of gluten free things for her father so we came home with lots of goodies.

Luke & Grandpa

We left their place a little earlier this time as it was still light out. Neither Gordon nor I can see that well at night to drive so we like to get home early.

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  1. I can tell by the look in Gordon's eyes that he must kinda like his grandson. I can't leave mine half the time...but then I am so silly. Sherri and I had two boys first and they never liked me??? Then we had two girls...they did not care for me much either. But when we had the grandboy...well he really liked me and still does?? I will have a hard time saying good-bye to him when we go off on our first adventure..



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