Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sooooo Happy!

Most of the summer we didn't think we'd be able to travel at all this winter and would be stuck in Ottawa in the land of ice and snow! Now, here we are on the Gulf Coast of Texas, in a little RV park in a site right along the water with balmy breezes blowing. It's pure heaven!

Gordon was out for sunrise and saw flocks of roseate spoonbills flying over his head. That's the most spoonbills he's ever seen. More on that later.

I went for a long walk this morning. We're kind of in a little subdivision here so there are lots of streets to walk on and no traffic. When I took the trash out today I met another lady. She and her husband have been here for a month and she's bored and anxious to get to their park in Florida. It's true there isn't much out here but I just love being on the Gulf. We signed up for the week so will be here till Friday this week.

Palm trees from my morning walk

The pier here at the campground

Looking back at the campground and marina from the pier

The campground is having a potluck on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. so I've signed us up. They're providing the turkey. This is a nice little Mom and Pop type operation and everyone is very friendly.

We had to go in to get some groceries but especially to get some water. We had filled our jugs at the campground in Louisiana as they told us the water was ok to drink. It didn't taste bad but had a lot of sediment in it so I dumped it, cleaned out the jugs and got some good Culligan water. I went to the H.E.B. grocery to shop before going to Walmart as I wanted to see their prices and what things they have in their store. They do have a small gluten free section and I found their prices to be excellent. In lots of cases they had prices cheaper than Walmart.

Gordon went in search of propane and found a place but they are closed on Saturday - go figure! We'll have to look after that next week. It's not cold enough for the furnace to run at night so we shouldn't run out.

Then to Walmart and picked up a few things there too. On our way home we drove to the little fishing town of Indianola. Apparently in the 1800's it was the county seat but the land eroded away so the old town is now out in the Bay.

A building in Indianola

There used to be a fishing pier here

On our way back to the RV park we passed a field with a lot of water and there were lots and lots of birds - roseate spoonbills, great egrets, reddish egrets, and ibis all in one spot. What a find! We were so excited!

The Birds

See how pink the Roseate Spoonbills are

Back at the RV, Gordon got the TV dish set up. He had given up on it last night since he was so tired. He also got the BBQ out and browned the roast I bought for the crockpot. So we're settling in!


  1. Wow, we spent a month in Rockport last year and never saw a Rosate Spoonbill the whole time. Its a sign that this winter will be good for you.

    Goose Island will be beautiful when you get there too. Its so peaceful on the gulf, and the photo ops are unlimited.

    Congratulations and have a good winter.


  2. Anonymous7:02 am

    You cannot even imagine how wonderful it is to see you two enjoying yourselves in an area you were not sure you would be able to spend the winter.

    I am extremely happy for your good fortune!

    Charles aka Roz.

  3. It's so great to have things come together and you are on your way south. Relax, enjoy and have fun. It's going to be a great winter!

  4. YAY! I'm so happy to see you two away from the cold. I knew everything would be ok! Gorgeous pictures as always. I wish you many more years of happiness on the road....and maybe we'll meet up sometime soon eh?!


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