Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Trip to Atchafalaya

Didn't feel the best this morning, my shoulder still hurt although it's gradually improved during the day. I just feel kind of blah! I did get out for my exercise.

I lay down and read and had a nap this morning and felt more human when I got up so we went for a drive to the Atchafalaya Welcome Center to see if there were any roads we could drive on to see the swamp area. The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest swamp in the United States. Unfortunately there are no roads that take you through the swamp. You have to do a swamp tour. We weren't up for that today so we drove around a bit. We didn't see anything really interesting but it was a nice drive around the area. Maybe next time we'll take a swamp tour. I'd really like to get in to see a real Louisiana bayou although I could do without the alligators, spiders and snakes!

There was a heron on the log with the turtles when we left today

The Atchafalaya Welcome Center

One of the swamp tour places.

To get to McGee's Landing, you have to go up over the levy, here's the road up.

And here's the levy. We didn't drive on it, just over it.

We got home mid-afternoon and I read again and lay down for another long nap.

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