Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Little Drive

Cccccold this morning, well it's been colder but I wasn't expecting 36F (2C) at this time of year in the deep south. Must be because we've arrived! Gordon went out to Lake Martin again for sunrise. There was even some mist on the lake behind us but I didn't bother with my camera when I went out.

This morning passed uneventfully and after lunch we took a drive through Breaux Bridge to Lake Martin. We walked a ways around it on a couple of trails. Here are some photos.

Downtown Breaux Bridge - yep, that's about all there is!

Lake Martin

Pathway along Lake Martin - the pathway is covered in straw - wonder if there are any snakes under the straw???

A house in the deep south


Turtle on a log

Wide trunk bottoms on some of these cypress

Another path we took

See the egret peeking out - just then we heard several rifle shots and the egret kept going into the swamp

Another swamp photo

Piggly Wiggly for Jenny

After that we drove to Lafayette to have a look at their downtown but it wasn't much so we filled up with fuel at 2.79.9 and headed home for a nap.

For those of you concerned about the pain I have in my neck/jaw area, it's definitely under my right ear. I've had this several times but it's usually more painful. It goes away after a while.


  1. That place is so different!! Weird trees. I bet wildlife is just as weird in that muck. Thanks so much for the pictures! I still think it's eerie and spooky.

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  3. Hi Sandra,
    I lost your blog url until the other day! I was wondering if you turned into "Snowbirds" yet! Saw your comment on Howard's blog. Welcome back to the US! What beautiful pics of the south, but it does sound very unseasonably cold!

    We had a wonderful time traveling through Canada this summer. Alberta, BC, the Yukon in June. Got as far a Dawson City! Then on the return from Alaska we added Saskatchewan and Manitoba to our Canadian provinces map! Big beautiful country up there!

    Do you plan on returning to Doc Justin's this winter?

    Have fun y'all!

    Kathy Webb


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