Saturday, 15 November 2008

Hangin' Around at Poche's

Our cold front came in overnight. It was 12 degrees colder this morning when I went out but still a respectable 50F (10C). The wind however was coming straight from the good ole north right from Canada. I managed to get out of the RV, go for my exercise and get back in without a problem. Gordon again went out to Lake Martin and Henderson Lake this morning. Maybe I'll get there soon.

I've had a pain in the right side of my jaw and down my neck the last couple of days. Didn't know if it was from a tooth, I tapped each one with a metal object and got no cries of pain so I don't think that's it, from my ear or glandular. I thought maybe I've been gritting my teeth at night as I've been known to do that and it was TMJ related so I took 1/2 tranquilizer today and although I pretty much slept the day away, the pain seems to be mostly gone.

So that's what I did today, read a bit and slept on the couch.

Late this afternoon before sunset Gordon and I took a walk around the lake as I had not taken any photos today. There aren't a lot of birds around due to the wind. Here's what I've got:

You can just see our RV and truck on the left (where the burgundy truck is).

This is two lake areas at the end of our road. There were quite a few people here today fishing.

This is the road on the other side of the lake that's behind us.

This is the rec hall.

This is looking across the lake that's behind our RV. You can see the egret walking in the middle.

To see some of Gordon's pbase photos that he's processed, click here. The first few are ones that he's taken in the Breaux Bridge/Lake Martin/Henderson Lake area. The rest are of our trek west.

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  1. Looks like a neat place Sandra. Gordons photo's are just awesome!
    Hope your pain stays away..


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