Thursday, 13 November 2008

Now at Breaux Bridge, LA

I was up at 6:30 a.m. and it was foggy! Gordon had gone out to Cypress Swamp to take some photos. I had my walk/run and was packing things up inside when he came back. We had breakfast and as the fog wasn’t too bad went outside to start packing up there.

Then I got a big surprise! A lady came walking toward me and introduced herself as Donna. It didn’t twig with me at first as I wasn’t expecting her but it was Donna from chat. She and Nolan had come in yesterday and she was just dropping by before they left to meet me. We chatted for a few minutes then she left. I had completely forgotten to take a photo so I went down to their site as they hadn’t left yet and got a photo. Thanks Donna for dropping by!

We left around 10:30 a.m. and arrived at Poche’s Fish N Camp at Breaux Bridge, LA around 3 p.m. We had some trouble getting into the sites as the road isn’t very wide and there’s a row of trees right there so it’s hard to get the truck in the right position to back the RV in. We moved to the other side of the pond however the sites here aren’t concrete but we’re in. We have pond in front of us and pond behind us. It’s a really nice spot. We also had several blue heron and egrets to welcome us.

Our arrival in Louisiana

Cute door handle on the Welcome Center for Louisiana - it's eating Gordon's hand

Crossing the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge

Henderson Swamp as taken from I-10

Our first sighting of palm trees when we arrived at the RV park

Our site

View from our rear window

In the front across the road - this blue heron was strutting his stuff!

Looking away from our rig

Gordon had lots of problems setting up the internet satellite even though we appeared to have a clear view of the south. He finally did get it working.

We didn’t have any rain and although it was mostly cloudy for our drive, we did have a few sunny breaks. When we left Canton, MS it was 59F (15C) and on arrival at our new site it was 70F (21C).

Today was a long day. We're looking forward to staying a week here.

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