Sunday, 9 November 2008

Around the Tupelo Area

Back to colder temperatures this morning - 36F (2C) and it didn't get that warm during the day. It got to 53F (12C).

Here's a better photo of the cabin on the pond behind us.

We were lazy this morning so didn't go out till nearly 11 a.m. We drove back north on the Trace to the Visitor Center about 14 miles away. We missed it yesterday as we got off the Trace too soon thanks to Miss Pinky. While there we looked at the exhibits and watched a movie (12 min) about the Trace. While there I picked up some brochures of the Trace for our RV park as he was out of them.

We stopped at one of the waysides today where there are 13 graves of unknown confederate soldiers.

A Tarzan vine

On our way back to the RV park we drove in to Tupelo and stopped at Elvis Presley's birthplace and took some photos. Here's the house where he was born and lived till he was 13.

Here I am sitting on the porch swing.

We drove around the city a bit and I was quite surprised to see how clean the city is. In our experience cities in the east aren't all that clean while cities in the west are (for the most part). There isn't much here so we fueled up for tomorrow and headed back to the RV park for a nap!

Tonight I'll watch Desperate Housewives and have an early night. We're back on the road tomorrow!

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  1. Cool pictures, once again Sandra.


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