Friday, 14 November 2008

A Semi-Relaxing Day

The day didn't start out well. I got up at about 7 a.m. Gordon had already gone out to take photos at Lake Martin. So I got ready to go our for my exercise, locked the door and away I went. When I got back, I couldn't get the door unlocked! It's been giving me problems the last few times I've tried. I tried several times but no luck. So I called Gordon and he was already on his way back. I got out my lawn chair and sat under the nose of the fifth wheel as it looked like rain to wait for him to arrive. Of course when he got here, he unlocked it the first time he tried! It's either my key or old age! We had no sooner gotten inside than it started to rain but it didn't last long.

Here are some photos I took on my walk this morning. It's a nice walk around the loop around the lake.

Cottages at end of lake

Great egret in flight

Great blue heron on the point

Our 5er across the lake

We hung around the RV and read and napped this morning. I sat outside in my lawnchair for a while with my book and gazed at the water.

One of the views from my lawn chair

Our Verizon contract is up and we're on the new every 2 plan (to get new phones every 2 years on contract renewal). I had gotten a letter in the mail saying that we could get a $70 credit if we renewed by phone. We decided to go into a Verizon store in Lafayette. (Lots of traffic in Lafayette even at 1:30 p.m.) We're grandfathered on the North America Plan (they don't sell it anymore) so he explained the new plan to us that covers Canada. It's more expensive so we stayed with our old plan. We picked out our phones and a few accessories - $129 please. You'll get $50 back in the mail. Hmmm thought our phones were free. Must have been all those accessories! Anyway, we now have new phones. Here's mine getting all charged up. Oh and you don't get the $70 credit unless you renew by phone. We got a $50 credit.

We stopped at the local SuperWalMart on our way home and picked up a few groceries. Then I sat outside again. At 81F (27C) it was a day to enjoy!

We're really enjoying being here. It's somewhere totally different for us and the weather has been great. However, a cold front is moving in tomorrow. I don't expect to see these temperatures again while we're here.

Sunset (taken from my living room window)

The day seems to be ending well though!

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