Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 6 at Sherkston Shores

We had a lot of wind and rain overnight. We had a wind gust before I went to bed that knocked the TV satellite out of kilter. According to Gordon it was way off not just a little off.

It was still raining this morning so no walk then but it did clear up early in the afternoon and we both got to go down to the beach. Here are a couple more photos of Lake Erie.

Also another photo of the quarry.

This morning I finally got the refrigerator defrosted so my job jar that I wanted to complete before we left Ontario is now empty! I also got the bathroom cleaned, vacuumed the place and washed the floors. I'm ready to roll!

We also went out this afternoon to fuel up as there is nowhere near the campground that has diesel fuel. We have to go to either Port Colborne which is closer or Fort Erie. We went to Fort Erie as Gordon felt there would be less rain there. He's become a weatherman!

On our way back into the park I saw this sign. The park is called Sherkston Shores but for tonight it's Shriekston Shores. Since the park closes next Friday the 31st they're having their Hallowe'en party tonight, I guess. No, we're not going. Cute sign though.

That about does it for today, hopefully all goes well and tomorrow I'll be writing from Delaware, OH.


  1. Just in case I miss you tonight on chat, have a safe trip tomorrow.
    Hope we get to talk to you on the road.

  2. Please be careful on your travels. See you tomorrow in the USA!

  3. Be careful Sandra and tell Gordon to drive safe.



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