Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day 4 at Sherkston Shores

These days every morning when I bundle up for my walk I remind myself of those little kids that parents bundle up in their snowsuits so much that if they fall down they can't get up, kind of like a turtle on its back. Sure hope I don't fall down! It was cloudy again this morning but I did have a sunny peep or two. Here is a photo of the sun shining on the white birch.

I needed to pick up some groceries and other stuff in preparation for crossing the border so today we drove to Welland, Ontario which is about 18 miles or so away from the RV park. Welland is famous for the Welland Ship Canal and here is a photo of us preparing to drive under the canal. The Welland Canal was built to get ships around Niagara Falls.

Welland is also a fair size city at 51,000 people. One of the purposes of today's trip was to see if we could get a flu shot at the walk in clinic but the vaccine isn't available yet and they aren't starting flu shots till November 8th so we'll have to get ours in the U.S. and pay $50.00 for them instead of getting them here for free. Bummer!

We got our business taken care of in Welland so came back to Port Colborne, ON where the Welland Canal begins coming from Lake Erie. We were lucky enough to see a Canadian ship going through the canal (photo below).

Here is a map that I took off Wikipedia showing the canal path.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day with a high of 16C (60F) so after unpacking the groceries I took a short walk around the park. It was just gorgeous in the sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day to prepare us for the rain forecast for Saturday.

Feels like time for a nap.......

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  1. The flu shots are $25 around here, I thought that was expensive as they used to be $10.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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