Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 5 at Sherkston Shores

We've been looking ahead at the weather forecast and today would probably have been the best day to leave however Sunday right now is not looking too bad. Sunday night, however, has snow in the forecast so we need to get out of here on Sunday morning!

This morning wasn't too bad as far as cold was concerned. It was 8C (46F) and still mostly cloudy. I really like it here, too bad it's been so cold. It's hard to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. There are so many places here to walk. I've discovered more this year than last. I just love the area down by the lake. They have park models for rent by owner down there. Wonder how much that would be in the summertime? There are numbers to call but with our own RV I'm not really that interested.

This was about the extent of our sun today.

Today was supposed to be a beautiful sunny day but instead we had clouds. It wasn't all that cold at 12C (53F) but our plan to go to Niagara Falls was nixed. Although cloudy weather is best for photographing the Falls, it is always misty there and it would be cold so we'll go another time.

An old shipwreck just off the shores of Sherkston Shores.

Instead I started a new easy reading book by Mary Higgins Clark and that kept me occupied. I finished it just before dinner.

The end of an exciting day!

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  1. You are right. Too bad it is getting cold because you are in such a beautiful location. Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you in Texas!


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