Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 2 at Sherkston Shores

It rained quite a bit overnight but was still really windy and not as warm when I got up this morning. Again I bundled up and braved the weather to head down to Lake Erie. There were white caps on the lake this morning as you can see from the photos below and pretty clouds. I had some sun during my walk. Gordon went down to the beach when I got back but the weather turned cloudy again.

The Lake

The Quarry

I had some odd jobs on my list to get done this week. One was to call our credit card company and let them know we'll be south this winter, another was to get my hair coloured. Those two items accomplished, I sat down to read and then get on the computer. That leaves defrosting the refrigerator and going into town to get items that we need before crossing the border.

This afternoon I lay down to read, then decided I should make some necklaces so made two before packing things up. That's one problem in such a small space. You can't leave your crafts out, they gotta be put away, otherwise no room for dinner at the table!

No walk this afternoon, just too cold. Our high today was only 6C (42F) and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow. We need to go out and get propane, we're down to one tank now.

As it got colder this afternoon I bundled up under a blanket and a quilt. I'm saving my warming throw for tonight but had a nice nap!


  1. Lake Erie is like Lake Michigan, I can't wait to see all 5 of them. Your necklaces are great! I'll take the pink and blue one!

  2. The waves look really choppy and cold there on that lake. Lovely pictures. No wonder, 42 deg.!
    You two better hurry up and get outta there before the rig freezes in it's tracks. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Sandra, I loved your laundromat comments.....I, too, am choicey about the laundromats when I have to go!! Made me laugh out loud!
    Hope you have safe travels on your way south!

  4. Nothing about a laundry mat makes me laugh...Sounds like W*rk. We will have you in our thoughts as you travel south.

    Joe and Sherri


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