Saturday, 20 September 2008

A Beautiful, Quiet Day!

Today was a quiet day. We lazed around till mid-afternoon, then had to go into town to get the propane tank filled. I also needed to pick up some groceries.

Gordon went first to the local Canadian Tire store for propane (it was 2:15 p.m.) and was told that both the guys that do the propane were at lunch.What's with that? Talk about bad management! So Gordon dropped me at Walmart and went to the other place that sells propane at the other end of town and got filled up. He got back just as I was looking for a checkout so that worked out ok. This Canadian Tire has given us problems before, as in, we don't sell propane after 4 p.m. Guess they just don't want to sell propane! It's more convenient but they definitely have management problems! The manager's name is Ball as in 'on the ball' but in this case he 'dropped the ball'!

It was a beautiful day but there seemed to be a threat of rain in the air. It was sunny and windy and the temperature when I walked this morning was 11C (52F) getting up to 22C (71F) this afternoon.

I sat outside for a while when we got back, read and listened to the birds in the trees. I couldn't see them because of all the leaves but they seemed to be having a good time.

Pictures today are from my morning walk. The bottom one shows where I walked this week by going straight ahead but you can also turn right and walk between the fields then a ways down if you make another right it brings you up to the main road. It's about a 40-50 minute walk.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Jenny, one of our rv-dreams chatters!

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