Friday, 19 September 2008

A Day on My Own

Gordon left before I got up this morning to spend the day doing photography with his photography friend, Jim who has just moved to Ottawa from Clinton, NY so I had the day to myself.

I got up at the regular time and it was 2C (36F)! The day warmed up nicely however and we had bright sunny skies. I went for my walk/run and I have to say that today is the best I've felt since just before we left Lindsay. Must have gotten a bug of some kind.

I pulled a real dummy this morning when I got back from my walk. I decided to charge the battery on my camera. That was okay. A couple of hours later I took it out of the charger, put it in the camera and proceeded to delete the photos I took on my walk. I usually charge the battery at night and then delete the photos once I have downloaded them to my computer so no photos from my morning walk! Duh!

So this morning I coloured my hair, had a nice hot shower and then mowed the lawn around the RV. The big mower that Dave uses can't get that close to the RV. I couldn't move the picnic table by myself so I just mowed around and under it as best I could. I also read a bit and listened to satellite radio. Gordon likes it to be quiet in the RV when he's working on the computer so I don't get my background music very much but it was nice for a change.

After lunch I took another walk and tried to recreate some of the photos but the light was wrong so most of the them didn't turn out very well but I had a nice walk. I sate for a while on the bench down by the beach and enjoyed the solitude.

Gordon didn't get home till just after 6 p.m. so it was a long day for him traveling around the area taking photos.

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  1. I love the pictures on your blog. The cosmos is beautiful, and one of my favorite flowers.


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