Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another Quiet Day

After such a beautiful day yesterday, it was surprising to see a thunderstorm just as got dark. I knew we were supposed to get some rain but hadn't expected the storm.

This morning dawned bright and sunny again but colder than yesterday. It's getting harder and harder to get up out of a nice warm bed in the morning these days when it's colder outside and consequently colder inside as well. I did however do my walk/run as well as my exercises.

After I had breakfast and got the daily chores out of the way, I returned to the couch to read. Just after lunch a big Cameo Carriage pulled in beside us. We've gotten spoiled with smaller rigs beside us since we've been here but this one definitely takes up the whole spot. Here's what we see out our side living room window.

And a view of how the sites are set up.

Being tired of reading and surfing, I decided to make a necklace. I didn't have anything pink so this is what I made. Someday I will graduate to more strands.

Not much else happening here today.


  1. You looks like you're shut in.
    I like the necklace, you put beads together really well.

  2. It will get colder I am sure. You will have to bundle up if you plan on staying there this winter. Glad to see your electric blanket is working. Our Hot Water heater is also out and I have to fix as soon as the weather gets cooler. See ya on chat

    Joe and Sherri


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