Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Birthday, Nightmare, Visit to GP & Errands

Today is my husband's birthday - Happy 62nd Birthday to my wonderful husband! This photo was taken in Lindsay.

One of the nightmares I seem to have fairly regularly relates to working in the insurance industry. I dream I am still an adjuster (I worked there for 26 years) and was assigned a single vehicle accident, drinking involved, kids had taken the parent's car, parents out of town, injuries, no witnesses and no police called. I hated those! First problem - permission to drive the car, 2nd problem - injuries, 3rd problem - impaired driving (which is real hard to prove without police and a breathalyzer. I think I suffer a panic attack or something when I have these nightmares as when I wake up I feel oxygen deprived and lethargic. Boy I'm sure glad I'm out of that business. I'm sure that the stress I suffered while working there has contributed to some of the medical problems I have today. I sure do appreciate what adjusters have to go through though, which is probably why I haven't hassled the adjusters for our travel insurance! Our claim has yet to be paid. I do keep calling every 4-6 weeks for a status though. They tell me it was a very busy year for travel medical which is their excuse for it not having been paid.

Gordon had an appointment with out GP this morning so no walk again. It was really cold when I got up and I didn't feel like going through all the bundle up to walk due to time constraints so only did exercises again. We arrived a bit early and Gordon was taken right away. Good news! His liver enzymes are back in the normal range! It will be checked again next month to be sure but we were very happy!

After that we had just enough time to squeeze in an appointment with our chiropractor as we hadn't been since before we went to Lindsay and our own chiropractor has been gone since May. He's back and he did a good job today.

I stopped to do my monthly blood pressure check for my graph that I give to the doctor each year when I have my annual medical. Gordon is also starting to keep track of his so I can do one for him as well.

Then back to Carleton Place where we went to the License bureau to get our renewal stickers for the truck. Another job taken care of!

We got back in time for a late lunch, then I went for a long walk down the side road, Cram Road and then onto the farm road since I haven't been doing my morning walks lately. I was ready for a nap when I got back!

Clouds over corn fields

Woodpecker, not sure if it's a downy or a hairy

Cram Road
Farm Road
End of the road

The corn is tall!

It's a long way back!

The horse barn and one of the horses (the farm is for sale)!

Trees are starting to turn

Trees along the river are already turning.

This bush is laden with berries


  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    glad to see that your husband is ok.
    by the way, your photos are very nice

    Take care


  2. I know that Gordon is happy to hear the news from the Doctor. I hope that he gets better every day. You look real good too...keep up the walking it will keep you in good shape so you can come down and see us...HE HE OK I am taking your advise and we will be leaving somewhere around February...I will not put it off. Thanks for the advise.

    Joe and Sherri


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