Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Day at the Dealer

Today I was up just after sunup as we were taking the RV into our dealer for a check up. We arrived a few minutes after 9 a.m. (They open at 9) and they took us pretty much right away and got started. We had a list of things for them to look into, one of which was that our electric hot water heater has never worked. It turned out to be a loose wire so now we have an operating electric hot water heater for the first time in four years! They did a lot of work on it today. We didn't leave until nearly 5 p.m. It has to go back in next week and they will recaulk the whole unit.

We leave our RV in the garage.

Here it is being washed late this afternoon.

This morning while they were working we stopped at McDonalds and Gordon had a coffee. I can't drink the stuff anymore so he brought it along and we went to our favourite trail, Jack Pine. The first thing we saw was a chipmunk, then we went on to the marshy area and saw lots of mallards and a couple of geese. When we came out of the swamp there was one section where the chickadees and one nuthatch kept flying around our heads. It was really funny to watch them. Of course photographs were taken!

A lone leaf

We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and then went back to the dealer thinking they might be done but they did a lot more than we expected including washing the roof and the sides of the RV. Next week when they take it in to caulk it they will shine it up so it looks brand new! So we sat around in the dealership, in the truck, I read, Gordon had a nap. It was a pretty boring day but this is a great dealership, I would recommend them to anyone.

We got back and were set up again shortly after 6 p.m. Tired!!

It was sunny but chilly all day today and we're supposed to get down to 1C (34F) overnight, that's in the city so there's a good chance it will be colder here in the country especially where we are by the water.

Here's a photo that Joy (that I met in Tucson this winter) sent me of their site in northern Idaho near Coeur D'Alene. Note the moose going through their site.

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