Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday - A Slow Day

Today was a slow day. It started out with me not wanting to get up, I still wanted to sleep but I got up and did my walk and exercises.

From there it was reading, a brief nap and looking at how dirty the RV has gotten. I think it's because the roof is dirty but Gordon isn't up to getting up there and washing it and I'm afraid of heights. I'm wondering if I get up there if I would be okay doing it on my hands and knees with a bucket of water then he can go up and hose it down after I'm done. I'd really like to get it cleaned up and get a shine back on the nose but I don't know at this age if I can overcome it. I'm also not as steady as I used to be and my back is just starting to improve. I'm embarrassed to take it into the dealer on Friday the way it is though.

Last night after dinner since it was a lovely evening we decided to go to the Chapman Mills Conservation Area which is about 3 miles south of us. We've been there before this year but it runs along the river and it's quite pretty. There is a lot of purple strife (photo below) there now. It seems to be taking over. We walked part way along the trail and the boardwalk but didn't go to the end as thunder clouds were appearing. Here are some photos.

Path at the Conservation Area

Swampy area

Large cloud building

When we got back to the truck there were some pretty clouds. We drove around a bit to try and find a place to take some photos. I took some from the truck but we decided to just come home. It's nice to go out after dinner. You can sure tell the days are getting shorter already though.

This afternoon I got to continue my nap and listen to the rain on the roof. I ate pineapple last night and it didn't agree with my reflux disease so today hasn't been one of my best.

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  1. Good to be there with you in those pictures. Keep us with you.

    Joe and Sherri


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