Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Visit to Tranquil Acres and Carleton Place

When I got up this morning Gordon was just heading out to the Ornamental Gardens for some photos. Since it rained last night he thought he could get some raindrops on the flowers. While he was gone I did my exercises, went for my walk and had my breakfast.

I enjoy Sunday morning as one of my favourite local singers, Dick Maloney hosts a program from 6 a.m. to noon called Sentimental Journey, songs from the 40s and 50s. His singing is very similar to Frank Sinatra who is his idol. I think I mentioned before that Dick was in an accident a couple of years ago and is now a quadriplegic. That was so tragic, he's such an excellent singer. I used to spend a lot of evenings when in my 20s going to wherever he was singing to listen to him and dance. Anyone can listen at Click on Live Streaming. Dick has written a lot of songs as well. The radio station has set up an area in his room at the St. Vincent's Hospital where he has been since his accident so he can do his broadcast from there.

I was peacefully reading my book outside this afternoon when Gordon came out and asked if I wanted to go to Tranquil Acres. Tranquil Acres is the RV park that we usually stay at when in this area. We affectionately call it 'our home park' however since they weren't open yet when we arrived and we had a lot of appointments in Ottawa we were fortunate to be able to get into Rideau Heights where we've been since we arrived here.

Away we went to Tranquil Acres and were greeted almost immediately by Dave and Shonagh, the owners. We sat outside and chatted with them for a while.

Here's a photo of Gordon and Dave chatting. Shonagh had gone to help a guest but came to say good-bye. When we return from Lindsay, we'll be going there.

Here's the entrance to the park. You have to open the gate to get in.

These are a couple of the roads that I walk on.

This is one of the flowering bushes beside the office.

They have made some changes to their park, they're going more in the seasonal direction but will still have three sites for people that they know to come in. They no longer take tenters so it's getting to be more like a 55+ park. We love it! After chatting with them for a while we left to drive around Carleton Place. There have been big changes there since we left last July. There's a new SuperWalmart that is now open. It was just being built. A new Home Depot and a Rona Hardware Store. Staples was open last year but it had just been built. There is also a new Giant Tiger (Canada's only truly Canadian store that we have left) and a Dollarama, my favourite Dollar Store. It's a thriving community and one that we really like. Downtown Carleton Place is very pretty and the Mississippi River (not that Mississippi) runs through the town.

The skies were quite interesting when we started toward Carleton Place.

Yesterday when I was out I got my hair cut so today I coloured it. This is the colour my hair was when I was nine years old. I kind of like it!


  1. You're getting younger then Jenny! Great pictures. The clouds look like you can reach up and touch them.

  2. OK !! I am going to put colour on my hair now!! And hope I look half that good!! Awesome picture Sandra.

  3. I don't think any color will help me but then I don't know what would?? You do look good and I want to see the pictures of Jenny when she colors hers.


  4. I think it looks absolutely fantastic.



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