Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Last Night and Today

Last night after having breakfast for dinner we decided that since it was such a nice evening we should go out. So we drove to Bate Island on the Ottawa River. There were some beautiful fluffy clouds last night. We took photos along the river and also fed one of the groundhogs some of my leftover bread. Max didn't seem to be around. He's the one I took the movie of a few weeks ago but another one that I've named 'Tubbo' although a bit skittish could be coaxed out of his den for some bread as you see in the photo below. He took the bread very daintily right from my hand.

There was also a goose that was begging but I named him 'Slow and Stupid' as when I'd throw the bread even though it landed right in front of him, the seagulls snapped it up before he could get to it.

A young fellow was playing his guitar sitting by the river.

The rapids

There were a lot of people learning to canoe and also some kayakers. Behind the kayakers is a downtown view of Gatineau, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario.

Behind the canoeists is the province of Quebec.

Sun behind a cloud

On our way back home we stopped and took some photos in the Central Experimental Farm. The Experimental Farm is in the middle of west end Ottawa of which the Ornamental Gardens and the Arboretum is part. Canada is the only country that has a working farm in the heart of its capital city. It is also a National Historic Site.

Here's a photo of one of the barns in golden light with lots of shadows.

And one of the roads through the Farm.

The bike/walking path runs through the Experimental Farm as well.

Pretty clouds over the Farm

I woke up to a sunny morning, perfect for my morning exercise. I've added some waist exercises to my morning routine. We'll see how that pans out!

After breakfast I called and made a chiropractic appointment. On the way I stopped at Michael's and picked up a couple of beading needles and some red beads. I need to get back at making some bracelets. It's been a while. Then off to the chiropractor. I was going to do some more running around but decided to come home instead so I made it home in time for lunch.

This afternoon I sat outside reading. It was sunny with cloudy periods all afternoon and a temperature of 23C (74F). I got a burst of steam and did the vacuuming, cleaned the bathroom and washed the floors except for the kitchen. That will wait for another day.

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  1. Girl...I am worn out reading all you did!!! Slow down so I wont get so winded...LOL Looks like the ground hog loves having you around.

    Joe and Sherri


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