Saturday, 5 July 2008

End of June Expenses, Museum of Civilization

With all the computer problems, I'm not entirely certain that June's figures are accurate but I think it's relatively close. We had lots of general expenses this month, our Visa card annual fee, our ERS, our new insurance for the truck and RV, a new hard drive (not for my Mac) so I'm pretty happy with the overall total. We also had truck service and new brakes

I had thought today would be a quiet, relaxing day sitting out in my lawn chair but it didn't turn out that way. I started off as usual with my walk/run plan. After breakfast I went to sit outside but Gordon wanted to photograph something pretty. I suggested the day lilies in front of the white birch trees I had seen this morning. He went and photographed them but when he came back he still wanted to go out. He did take time to finally put out the awning so I put down our new mat that we purchased in Mesa, AZ this winter but hadn't used yet. While looking for tie downs he realized we only had one. We had to pitch one a few months ago so we needed to go and buy one of those.

His cordless drill had also bit the dust a while back. It needed replacement batteries which were almost as expensive as the drill so he decided since he doesn't have need to use a drill very often anymore just to go with a basic drill with a cord. Our first stop was Canadian Tire. We found some drills but their ratchet tie downs were expensive. By that time it was time for lunch so we stopped at Wendy's for a little sustenance then off to Home Depot where we found the tie down we needed and a drill.

I had suggested while we were eating that we go to the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, QC for some photos. We hadn't been there this year yet so away we went. It's a very pretty spot with paved trails running along the river for bikes, joggers, walkers and roller blading. The Museum of Civilization itself is an interesting building with lots of curves and it is in a great location being right across the Ottawa River from the Parliament Buildings and downtown Ottawa.

The Museum of Civilization

Parliament Hill

National Gallery


On our way home we came back through downtown Ottawa to Colonel By Drive. It's a beautiful drive along the canal on the south or east side of the canal depending on where you are on the drive.

Along Colonel By Drive

When we got back I sat outside with my book for a while. It was hot but there was a very nice breeze. Here's a photo of our chairs and our new mat.

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  1. How in the world to you only spend $141 in fuel???


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