Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bad News!

I have been having weird things happen with my computer. Remember I bought this brand new in August last year. When I tried to open anything, it took forever and I was getting tired of seeing the little colour wheel spinning (that's what you see instead of the timer that PCs use). So, my resident Mac expert AKA Gordon took a look at it and decided that the hard drive was toast. He did manage to get it backed up, thank goodness although it had been backed up recently. At least my backup information is now current as the hard drive has died completely! It can be replaced under warranty however then they want your hard drive to be returned to Apple. If you've been unable to write over the drive to be sure all documentation is gone, you're probably better to just buy a new one.

Leroy (our Mac person and friend of Gordon's) says that hard drive failure is pretty common these days. So everyone, be sure you're backed up regularly unless you want to lose all your data! For now, I'm running off an external hard drive till I can get it replaced. The link is on the left side of his blog.

It was pouring rain this morning so today is day three for no morning walk. I've been so sore since walking around downtown on Canada Day though that it might be a good thing. My whole back and rear end muscles have been very sore! Guess I'm more out of shape than I thought.

The weather started to clear up around noon so I went out to do errands and get some groceries and was gone most of the afternoon. The sun did come out finally and we're supposed to have sun till Monday!

I won't be operating normally till I can get my hard drive replaced probably on the weekend.

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