Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday in Ottawa and Dinner With Family

We had some serious rain overnight and a thunderstorm. I got up to unplug my computer just in case. It wasn't raining this morning but it was humid and the threat was still there. Eventually the sun did come out but it was long after my morning walk.

After breakfast we decided to go out and do something fun since the sun was shining, a rarity the past while so we drove to the Arboretum and took a short walk through the hostas and then down by the river. We came across this golden retriever having fun retrieving his ball out of the water. Lots of people out this morning jogging, biking, walking dogs and enjoying the sun. I can't believe I actually forgot to take my camera. Luckily Gordon had his Minolta with him so I used it. Duh!

Some pretty flowers in the garden where we parked the truck.

Horse and buggy followed by another horse with the Canadian flag. I'm not sure what that was all about but must have something to do with Canada Day which is July 1st!

Part of the hosta garden (again)

A beautiful old tree in the Arboretum

When we got home I sat outside and read my book and had my lunch.

We were invited to my sister's place for dinner tonight in honour of my nephew, Nick's 23rd birthday and also to see my sister from Toronto who arrived this afternoon to spend a few days. We had a good dinner as usual and Nick opened his presents. It was a nice family time.

This is Nick opening a gift from his Aunt Betty - champagne as Becky watches.

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